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CellDetect™ provides the latest and most modern range of cellular telephone prevention and detection equipment for correctional and custodial facilities and government departments.



We offer technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) consulting and services to businesses, government departments and private individuals who are concerned about their privacy. We sweep and survey offices, boardrooms, residences, holiday homes, hotel rooms, boats, telephones and communication devices to ensure that there are no listening, recording, video or optical devices that could threaten the integrity of the areas or communication devices.

Our technicians are trained and certified by TSCM training institutions such as Eavesdropping Detection Solutions® (RSA) and Research Electronics International (REI) (USA). 

We use only the latest and most advanced debugging equipment and technology. During a debugging and TSCM survey we check the radio frequency (RF) spectrum from 100 kHz to 24 GHz with the OSCOR Blue Spectrum Analyser. We create RF maps and traces of the concerned areas and create complete signal lists of all the signals found and analysed.

The RF investigation includes checks for covert video cameras, optical devices, GSM based listening and video devices, bluetooth listening devices, devices operating on the Wi-Fi networks and digital devices.

Telephone investigations is conducted with the Talan 3.0 Advanced VoIP, Telephone and Line Analyser. We have the capability to check analogue, digital and VoIP lines and instruments.

Physical investigations are conducted with an Orion 2.4 HN Non-Linear Junction Detector. Supporting equipment consists of a Flir Thermal Camera, video pole camera, toolkits and appropriate devices.

Please do not contact us from the telephone or office or residence that you suspect is being bugged.

Our TSCM Survey Equipment: