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CellDetect™ provides the latest and most modern range of cellular telephone prevention and detection equipment for correctional and custodial facilities and government departments.



Cellular telephones are prohibited in South African prisons. Notwithstanding the prohibition there is growing evidence that the presence of cellular telephones in prisons has become a huge problem and headache to prison authorities.

While prisoners may use their cell phones to maintain contact with family and friends, the devices also provide inmates with an avenue for conducting criminal activity.

Various countermeasures such as jamming the cellular telephones signals have been employed with little success as the inadvertent interference with legitimate cellular telephone users is a concern. The same jamming technology that prohibits inmates from using cellular telephones could also prevent correctional personnel from doing the same for routine business or in the event of an emergency.

In the USA prison authorities use dogs that are trained specifically to detect cellular telephones and SIM cards.

We have the solution and offer various prevention and detection technology solutions. The first type is based on prevention such as the SentryHound, the Mastiff Chair and the Manta Ray Detector that can detect cellular telephones on entering the prison. The technology is vital to assist prison authorities to enforce security measures when prison wardens or visitors enter prison facilities.

 CellDetect Applications

The second type of technology is based on the detection of the devices after it made its way into the prison. RF devices such as the Wolfhound Pro and the Watchhound can detect cellular telephone signals that are active within the prison itself. The Manta Ray and the Orion 2.4 NLJD can assist to detect cellular telephones on the person or in the prison cell when doing physical searches.

Schools/Educational Institutions

CellDetect Schools

There are many good reasons why cellular telephones should be allowed in schools.

Unfortunately cellular telephones can also be used inappropriately by students for example cheating on tests, cyber bullying, taking photos and videos of each other without their knowledge (including teachers and lecturers). 

Cellular telephones in the learning environment causes distractions taking away from the learning experience that one expect in an educational environment.

Our equipment can help you enforce a “no cell phone after bell” policy where such restrictions are necessary and required, during exams, locker rooms, etc.


Cellular telephones have become an essential work tool but it create problems during meetings. According to Forbes Magazine (27 October 2013) new research shows that making or taking calls, writing and sending texts or emails, checking text messages or emails, and browsing the Internet are considered strongly inappropriate in formal business meetings

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