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CellDetect™ provides the latest and most modern range of cellular telephone prevention and detection equipment for correctional and custodial facilities and government departments.


The SentryHound-Pro™ Ferromagnetic Contraband Portal is a dual pole solution to detect unauthorised cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, wearables and even weapons including guns and knives.  SentryHound-Pro's ferromagnetic inspection zones are highly sensitive to trace amounts of ferrous material found in plastic cell phones and miniaturised electronics.  This allows for fast and accurate security checkpoints of pockets, bags, purses and even body cavities.


The Mastiff Cellular Detecting Chair is a ruggedized chair that safely scans anyone sitting in it for contraband cellular telephones. The scanning is fast, accurate and sensitive enough to detect a mobile phone hidden in a pocket, sock or any body cavity. The Mastiff's cellular telephone detecting technology allows security personnel to conduct intrusive and time-consuming personal body searches only when the Mastiff detects contraband.

The SearchLight is the latest tool to help correctional service personnel and teams to detect, to locate and to neutralise cellular telephones in the prison environment. (It detects and locates all devices containing a SIM card and operating on the cellular networks to transmit audio, video or data out of a target area).  The SearchLight scans the cellular frequencies and records details of the devices identified in a specific or designated area by their IMEI and IMSI numbers. SearchLight then provides information about the make and model of the device(s). It ranks the devices to let you know if it is a known device. It reduces the time to locate and eliminate unauthorised cell phones in the prison environment.

Wolfhound™-PRO’s high-speed scanning receiver utilizes a multi-band direction finding antenna system allowing security personnel to locate nearby cell phones in either standby mode or during active voice, text or data RF transmissions. This makes it the perfect tool for locating contraband phones or a TSCM tool for enforcing your NO WIRELESS security policy. Wolfhound-Pro’s passive receiver technology does NOT intercept or “listen-in” on any phones calls making it fully legal for law enforcement trying to avoid sluggish court orders and search warrants.

The ANDRE Advanced Near Field Detection Receiver is a broadband receiver designed for correctional teams and can detect nearby ambient radio frequency (RF) energy from cellular telephones and other communication devices. The ANDRE is a new economical tool for detecting known, unknown, illegal or disruptive or interfering RF transmissions across a wide frequency range. A variety of user-selected operating modes are presented on a 3.5” graphical touchscreen display. Portability, versatility, and response sensitivity make the ANDRE advantageous for many technical applications in the correctional and custodial environment.


The WAM-108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor is a high specification portable handheld multiband detector for the detection and logging of all types of radiofrequency devices that can operate in the prison and custodial environments. Designed for the ever-increasing threat from more sophisticated and higher frequency RF devices such as cellular telephones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based devices, the WAM-108t provides complete coverage and logging of all activity in the surrounding area.


The CAM-105 Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Signal Detector is a budget portable handheld detector designed specifically for correctional and custodial personnel who has to prevent and detect cellular telephone use in prison and custodial environments. It easily detects the latest generation of 4G devices (as well as existing 2G and 3G) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.


The Oscor Blue is a portable handheld spectrum analyser that scans the radio frequency (RF) bands from 100 kHz to 8 GHz. It provides an instant overview of all RF activities in a facility and acts as the RF “cockpit” for the person monitoring and investigating the radio frequency spectrum for activities. It provides a signal analysis capability and a facility to store, trace and to locate signals. It is specifically useful when used in conjunction with the WolfHound Pro, Yorkie, Netscout and Bluesleuth to identify and to trace cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. The Oscor Blue Spectrum Analyser can even be operated remotely via a router or a LAN.

The Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector is a close-range detection device for concealed cellular telephone whether it is On or Off. The Manta Ray differs from traditional metal detectors as it scans for specific components in a cellular telephone.

Orion 2.4™ HX Non-Linear Junction Detector detects hidden electronic devices. The Orion detects the presence of electronics regardless of whether the electronic target is on or off or radiating. It easily locates hidden electronics such as cellular telephones (even a SIM card) hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, chairs and furniture.

PocketHound™ is the industry’s most sensitive cell phone detector for it’s size. This award-winning*, passive receiver is no larger or heavier than a deck of cards and specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cell phones (both U.S. & international bands) including all 2G, 3G and 4G bands (PCS, CDMA / WCDMA (UMTS), GSM, EGSM).

The Watchhound Cell Phone Monitor is mounted near any doorway or entrance to alert the operator should anyone enter the premises with an active cellular telephone. The Watchhound is networkable and can be connected to other units and your network.