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We will exhibit the latest and most advanced cell phone and communication detection equipment for government departments, correctional and custodial facilities at the upcoming Securex exhibition in Johannesburg from 24 – 26 May 2016. To register or to read more please go to

According to an article in the Times Live on 23 December 2015, Deputy Minister Thabang Makwetla, said that the Department of Correctional Services should be embarrassed at the number of cell phones found in the St Alban’s and Diepkloof (Sun City) prisons during Operation Vala over the festive season. Click here for the article.  It is not necessary for the DCS to be embarrassed or to waste hours of man power to search for cellular telephones that could easily have been have been remotely deactivated or prevented from entering the facilities with the right equipment. CellDetect™ is the only company in the World that specialises exclusively in providing solutions and technology to correctional, custodial and government departments regarding the prevention and detection of cellular telephones and other communications devices in areas where they are prohibited and not wanted.

According to a news release on 4 September 2015 “The SentryHound Cell Phone Detection Portal is fast becoming the solution to correctional and custodial facilities in South Africa to counter and to detect cellular telephones being smuggled into facilities where they are prohibited,” says Mark Whitehead, Technical Manager of CellDetect™ from Centurion, Gauteng. To read more please click here.

SentryHound Enforces a No Cell Phone Policy - The SentryHound Cell Phone Detection Portal is fast becoming the solution to correctional and custodial facilities in South Africa to counter and to detect cellular telephones being smuggled into facilities where they are prohibited says Mark Whitehead, Technical Manager of CellDetect™ from Centurion, Gauteng. To read more click here.
The SentryHound Cellular Telephone Detection Portal (above) is placed at the entrances and doors of correctional facilities. Wardens, inmates, visitors and other people who need to access the facility have to walk through the SentryHound portal and stand for one second on the pressure sensitive mat. The SentryHound immediately detects any hidden cellular telephones or parts on the individual, whether the phone is on or off. It will also detect the cellular telephone when the battery is removed. To read more click here.

Fin24Tech reported on 09 July 2015 that “Pollsmoor prison Facebook page causes a stir”. According to the article “A Facebook page, Pollsmoor maximum security prison, has had activity since January 2015 with inmates posting images of themselves in the prison precinct as well the cells. Many prisoners can be clearly seen in uniforms, ostensibly aware that they are being photographed” To read more click here.

EWN News reported on 4 May 2015 that the South Africa Department of Correctional Services (DCS) said that they have improved measures to detect cellphones in Prisons. According to the article they have detected and found 54 158 cell phones in the correctional facilities in the past three years. Click here to read the article. Comments: - It is much easier to prevent cellular telephones from entering a facility than to find it in a facility. If a cell phone makes it into a correctional facility it means that their prevention strategy has failed and is not working. It seems the strategy has failed 54 158 times in the past three years. CellDetect™ has excellent equipment and a matching strategy to help correctional facilities to prevent cellular telephones from entering any facility.

Rapport newspaper reported on 3 May 2015 that a convicted rapist is operating a Facebook page from his prison cell at Grootvlei prison in Bloemfontein. According to the article he has an Internet relationship with an American woman. (To be able to connect to the Internet he has to operate a Smartphone or could a have access to Wi-Fi in the Prison.) To read the story go to

An editorial and article about our CellDetect Solution™ was published in the August 2014 edition of Hi-Tech Security Solutions. To read the article “Guaranteed Cellular Detection” please click here.

The Chicago Tribune reported on 31 July 2014 that a drone attempting to fly cellular telephones, marijuana and tobacco into a South Carolina prison in the US has crashed outside the prison walls. To read the story click here.
The Malaysian Sun Daily newspaper reported on 31 July 2014 that a Spanish priest was detained in El Salvador for attempting to smuggles cellular telephones into a San Salvador (capitol city) prison.

The San Francisco Gate Blog reported on 09 July 2014 that a Californian Prison dog, a Belgian Malinois called Drako has found his 1000th cellphone during June 2014. To read the story and to see a picture of the dog and his handler, click here.

The Rapport Sunday newspaper reported on 14 June 2014 that the Hawks confiscated eleven (11) cell phones and eight SIM cards in a cell at the Leeuhof prison in Vereeniging. Rapport newspaper made contact with an inmate who send the newspaper more than 300 SMS messages and 80 pictures of awaiting trial prisoners. The inmate also provided information about the poor conditions under which they are kept. To read the article please click here  

CellDetect™ has designed a new three day workshop (the first of its kind in the World) for correctional services and custodial personnel regarding the detection of cellular telephones in correctional facilities. The workshop Nuts & Bolts of Cell Phone Detection provides a strategic and tactical approach to cellular telephone detection. To read more and for the brochure please click here.

We will be doing a road-show throughout South Africa during the month of June 2014 to demonstrate all the products on our product page to prison staff around the country. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to do a demo at your facility.

The reported on 23 April 2014 that “Cellphones smuggled into prisons by corrupt guards, concealed in food containers or hurled over security fences are an increasing worry for law enforcement as prisoners use them to intimidate witnesses, direct drug deals and plan escapes“.  To read more click here

Christoff Becker, one of the Waterkloof Two who had his parole revoked recently because of cellphones and alcohol in the prison, has been caught again with a cell phone in the Kgosi Mampuru Prison in Pretoria, according to the Rapport newspaper of 30 March 2014.

The South African department of Correctional Services said on 17 February 2014 “Having a phone and alcohol in a cell was illegal for inmates. The department takes very seriously the allegations about the smuggling of alcohol, having a party and covering the party with illegally possessed cameras and/or cellphones”. The statement refers to the activities of the Waterkloof 2. To read the article please click here.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) (USA) launches new surveillance technology that detects hidden cellphones. One solution, the SentryHound is a fixed system containing highly sensitive sensors detecting any cell phones, on or off, as people walk through it.

To read more please click the link:

We will be exhibiting the equipment at the upcoming IFSEC South Africa security exhibition taking place from 13 – 15 May 2014 at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg.
Fox 17 News from the USA reports that "Career criminals Timothy Forte and Earl Caldwell managed to allegedly smuggle in a cell phone. The two are accused of snapping these pictures, posing with cash in their jailhouse jumpsuits, and then uploading them to Facebook” To see the video click here  

According to IoL News of 29 October 2013 more than 1 000 cellular telephones were found during a raid at the Durban Westville Prison. To read the article please click here. 

The Weekly reported on 31 May 2013 that “most prisoners at the Groenkloof Prison in Bloemfontein lead lavish lifestyles with access to cellphones, cash and takeaways from outside restaurants”. To read the article please click here.

UPI reported on 24 May 2013 that students at a Canadian school were strip-searched for cellular telephones during an examination. To read the article please click here.

When violence broke out at the Groenkloof Prison during January 2013 inmates were calling a local radio station to provide updates of the events taking place inside of the prison walls.

Iol News reported on 5 February 2012 that South African prisoners are active on Twitter and Facebook whilst in jail. To read the article please click here.